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Traditional Food Fermentation Workshop

Traditional food fermentation Workshop - learn to make your own delicious home-made probiotics.  You can ferment any type of food from vegetables to grains, nuts and milk. The fermentation of food is an age old practice used traditionally to preserve food long before the invention of fridges. Given their powerful health benefits, today pickling remains a “delicious” and inseparable part of the daily medicinal protocol of tribes across the globe.


Pickled foods are particularly beneficial to healing the digestive system and the immune system, and contain much more friendly and varied probiotic bacteria than a dietary supplement capsule.

The process of fermenting also enhances the food’s value to a product rich in digestive enzymes, vitamins, with improved protein quality. Each food produces unique bacteria sourced from the soil and the environment in which it grew. Therefore, it is recommended to culture a wide variety of foods.

In this workshop we will learn how to ferment vegetables, nuts ( nut cheese) and grains. I will demonstrate how it is done in various cultures from Russian Kvass to Ethiopian Injera and discuss their unique health benefits.

The workshop will take place in my cosy kosher kitchen in central Ra'anana.

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Here are some yummy photos from our last workshop!!!!!

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