Natural & Traditional Nutritional Medicine

 Natural & Chinese medical nutrition, macrobiotics, herbal therapy, iridology and healing

About me...

The primary purpose Nutritional therapy  is not to impose "Diets" but to bestow and maintain profound health in a manner that addresses the personal needs of the individual searching for a solution to his/her chronic ailments. This requires a broad outlook in applying nutritional principles and practices whether based on modern clinical evidence based medicine or traditional holistic medicines and a good understanding of the individual- body type and constitution, age , sex and personal state of health.

Traditional medical systems whether originating in the East (Chinese , Ayurveda) or west

of the globe ( Greek medicine)  and as practiced by ancient prominent physicians such as Hippocrates and Maimonides, used Food ,- namely vegetables , fruit and herbs to treat even the most complex medical ailments and recognized the fundamental principal ,

that in order to promote personal health and wellbeing, food matters .

Using the tools of  herbology, natural clinical nutrition and traditional medicine – mainly Chinese medical nutrition and Macrobiotics, I specialize in the treatment of chronic  diseases, namely digestive imbalances, thyroid imbalances, osteoporosis, diabetes, heart and vascular problems, autoimmune diseases, weight imbalances, allergies and cancer as well as ADHD, immune weaknesses and malnutrition in children.


I utilize various forms of traditional bodily diagnostic methods- including iridology (diagnosis via the iris) , key to locating the root of physical weaknesses and where to focus the treatment. This is in addition to observing other conventional forms of diagnosis, and is the basis for devising a personally tailored health plan which  combines knowledge of both the clinical and energetic disciplines of food, herbs and spices:-. Something that has served to bring more precision to treatment on quite a profound level.  I introduce clients to new interesting foods and cooking methods mostly from traditional kitchens and provide personal cooking demonstrations as per request:

I also devise nutritional programs for kindergartens and lecture mainly on issues related to children’s nutrition  and conduct cooking workshops mostly demonstrating traditional kitchens.

My mission is to help clients understand what is going on in the inside and then teach them how to regain their health and be in control of it just I learned to do when coping with my own ailments and the struggle to find my own well-being. My goal is to revive that old idea that Hippocrates and the Rambam wisely echoed... that the food you eat not only builds the quantity of your body but also the quality of it on the deepest most cellular level.


  • Three-year Natural Nutritional studies program at “Reidman College”

  • Two-year program in Chinese nutrition and macrobiotics (TEF- The Energetics of Food) at the Center for Traditional Medicine under Eyal Shpringer, specialising in the treatment of chronic diseases

  • Current-Completing Msc Personal Nutrition at Middlesex University , UK

  •  Iridology studies at the Tamir Method Iridology Research Institute

  • Jewish philosophy and health at the "Offek Center of Jewish Education"

  • Healing at the Shelem College in Jerusalem under Dr. Gideon Hermati

  • Ba (Hons) in International Hotel Management, Lancaster University